About the Documentary

The project is headed by Margaret Blair Young and Darius Aidan Gray, authors of three books and many scholarly articles about Black Mormons.

Editor James B. Hughes spent the last years of his life working on this film, and often donated his services because of his passion for the project. He died of brain cancer in 2011. Danor Gerald also edited the film, and appears in it. Interviews were conducted and filmed by Richard Dutcher, Alex Nibley, and Scott Freebairn.

Besides never-released footage shot in 1968 and many rare archival photographs, the documentary includes interviews with renowned scholars, historians, Black Mormons, with Martin Luther King III, and with Dr. Cecil “Chip” Murray, retired pastor of the First AME Church of Los Angeles, which was founded by a former slave of Mormon pioneers.

NOBODY KNOWS: THE UNTOLD STORY OF BLACK MORMONS┬áis currently under contract with the Documentary Channel, which shows the 56:40 version of the film monthly. The full version (directors’ cut) is seventy-two minutes. In addition, the DVD includes one hundred minutes of special features, including more interviews and important "untold stories."